Tag: Makes of Boutique Guitar Effect Pedal

The different makes of boutique guitar effect pedal have become very popular with professional musicians who require durability, reliability and also a little bit more specific from their guitar effects. Some top guitar players have even approached these manufacturers with a special request or requirement leading to the development of a new and exciting pedal which can then be purchased by everyone. Boutique guitar pedals are designed by smaller, independent manufacturers and are typically produced in small, limited quantities.

Some of these guitar effect pedals are hand-made, with hand-soldered connections, specially selected components and unique parts. Boutique guitar effect pedals are mostly distributed online, through mail-order, sold in a limited number of music stores and also by referrals. There are many different makes of boutique guitar effect pedal to choose from including well known UK, US and Japanese brands.

When buying a Boutique Guitar Pedal you will experience higher quality effects designed to be used by the top electric guitar players around. But remember this quality comes at a much higher price than off the shelf guitar effects that you will see in your local music store.

Due to the fact that these boutique guitar effect pedals are generally hand made the prices can be considerably more expensive than mass-produced guitar effect pedals. This is due to the manufacturing process as these pedals offer higher-quality components, innovative designs, in-house-made knobs, and hand-painted artwork or etching. Some boutique guitar effect pedal companies focus on re-creating classic or vintage guitar effects. These are then modified with modern components to create unique sounds while increasing the reliability of the product.

Typical boutique guitar effect pedal makes that you will see on famous player pedal boards include brands like Earth Quaker Devices, Dr.J pedalsRobert Keeley pedals, Voodoo Labs pedalsStrymon pedals, Red Witch pedals, and Way Huge pedals and many more, see below. One of my favorites is the Keeley Delay Workstation pedal with level of effect and adjustment being extensive leading to a more sculptured sound and guitar tone.