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On this web site you will find everything you need to buy guitar  effect pedals available from all the well known guitar effect brands plus there are boutique guitar effect pedals to choose from as used by professional guitarists around the world. All the standard, popular, types of guitar effect are covered here plus if you look deeper you will find some very unique and interesting guitar effects that can be used to create new sounds and to expand and develop your own guitar style and tone.

You can review all the popular guitar effect pedal makes like Boss pedalsMooer pedalsElectro-harmonix pedalsDigitech pedalsBehringer pedalsDonner pedals, Joyo pedals, and more. Boutique brands include companies like Fulltone pedals and Stymon pedals.

We also have rack mounted effects and music processors on the web site.

Follow the links below to compare prices from different suppliers and to get the best deals on effect pedals. It is our goal to highlight as many of these as possible to supply guitarists with high quality effects units that will be a great addition to any guitarist’s kit bag or concert rig.

You can select and buy guitar effect pedals by selecting them “by type” or “by make“.

If you know the type of guitar effect pedal you require, for example chorus effect pedals, then select types of guitar effects pedals below. You will then be shown a link to all the various chorus effect pedals on the market.

If you want a particular make or brand for example “Electro-Harmonix” then select makes of guitar effect pedals below and you will see a link to all the electro-harmonix effect pedals that are currently available.