Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves, Amp Repair Tube Sets

If you are looking for the best prices online for Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves, or Tube Sets as they are known in the US, then check out our other website at where we have all the major brands of guitar amp valve and full listings of guitar amplifier replacement valve sets for valve guitar amplifiers made by all the major manufactures. There are also many high quality boutique guitar amplifiers to choose from. We have set up our web site with links to all the major tube brands and suppliers of guitar amplifier valves. It is recommended that you read the installation manual of your guitar amplifier to see what the manufacturer recommends in terms of how to and what is required when changing the valves in your amp.

Buy Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves, Amp Repair Tube Sets

Our matched sets of guitar amplifier valves can be purchased as single items, fully tested matched sets or as a full guitar amplifier replacement set. Please note that it can be a false economy to just change a single valve as most amplifiers require matched sets to perform at the optimum levels. When changing one valve it can effect the performance, and reduce the life of, the remaining tubes.

Why Buy Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves?

Guitar amplifier valves degrade with time and use. They operate at high temperatures and in an environment where there is noise and vibration. Generally they will last around 1000 hours. The best way to bring your guitar amplifier back to peak performance is to buy Replacement Guitar Amplifier Valves that include a complete matched set of guitar amplifier valves. It is possible to buy single guitar amplifier valves for the pre-amplifier or effects section however in most higher powered valve guitar amplifiers you will most likely need full matched sets of valves or tubes for it to work correctly.

Click on the links below to find out more about the individual guitar amplifier valves that are available, which popular amplifiers they are used on and how to purchase them to upgrade your valve guitar amplifier. The replacement guitar amplifier valves are manufactured by all the major tube manufacturers around the World. If you are unsure of how to care for your guitar valve amplifier read our Guide to Replacing Guitar Amplifier Valves.

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