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Check out the links below showing some great quality Rack Mounted Effects and Music Processing Units. Rack-mounted effects units are designed to be installed in standard 19-inch rack units with each seperate unit taking up either 1,2 or 3 rack spaces within the cabinet. By stacking various units together it makes it easy to connect up and move the units, especially for gigs and in the studio. As seen above the rack cabinet can hold different types of rack audio processing units like noise gates, speaker management systems, equaliser, recording modules and even amplifiers – basically just about anything related to musical instruments .

The rack-mounted audio units are generally housed in a road case, a tough plastic case with removable front and rear covers that can be latched on during transportation to protect the knobs and switches and then removed during use. Rack mounts are most commonly used in recording studios however these are now becoming increasingly popular with professional musicians who play electric bass, electric guitar, or synthesizers to replace stomp-boxes. The rack mounted effects can be programmed and then linked by a foot controller on stage to allow the musician to switch between multiple effect setups. With one switch the musician can select a complete effect package for the track being played.

Prices for Rack Mounted Music Processing and Effects Units

Behringer FX2000 Virtualizer 3D Multi Engine Effects Processor
in stock
as of 17th January 2021 8:19 pm
Denon Professional DN-312X – Rackmount 12 Channel Line Mixer with Priority Featuring 6 HDHQ Mic Pre Combo Inputs
in stock
3 new from £139.95
as of 17th January 2021 8:19 pm
Behringer DEQ2496 Ultra Curve Processor
in stock
2 new from £249.00
as of 17th January 2021 8:19 pm

You can also access a bigger list of rack mounted audio processing products at yumagold.co.uk including rack mounted music processors and effects units from global companies producing high quality rack mounted music processors like Lexicon, Behringer, DBX, and Roland.

Rack Mounted Effects and Processors Explained

A typical rack mounted effect unit is the Eventide HE3000 Ultra-Harmonizer which is a multi-purpose programmable, digital audio signal processor. The H3000 is capable of creating effects ranging from full stereo pitch changes, delays, reverbs, and more.

By setting up effects in a rack-mounted road case the process of setting up and shutting down a performance is greatly accelerated due to the fact that all of the effects can be connected together with patch cords (which can be left connected permanently) and all of the units can be plugged into a power bar. This means that a musician only needs to plug in the main power bar into AC Mains power and plug their instrument into the rack, and the last effect unit’s output into their instrument amplifier and/or the PA system. These high quality units are used in studios around the world and by bands touring.

We have set up the yumagold.co.uk web site with links to the best rack mounted  music processors and effects units so you can check out the best prices online and make some great savings on your musical instrument gear. These are listed below from the various manufacturers and suppliers. By using the links you can review the available suppliers, compare deals and hopefully save some money.

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