Prices for Guitar Effect Pedals – All Types and Makes

On our main web site we have Prices for Guitar Effect Pedals – All Types and Makes including special offers, price reductions and deals. The web site has links to all the major guitar effect pedals and rack mounted music processor brands. Follow the links below to compare prices from different suppliers and to help you to get the best deal.

Prices for Guitar Effect Pedals
Prices for Guitar Effect Pedals

Guitar effect pedals are displayed by type or by the manufacturer brand name. If you know the type of guitar effect pedal you require for example chorus then select “type” link below and this will take you to a page showing all the types on the market. If you want a particular brand for example Boss then select the “brand” link below and you will see all the makes currently available.

It is our goal to highlight as many of the guitar effect pedals that are out there as possible to give guitarists the best source of quality effects units at competitive prices, and that will be a great addition to any guitarist’s kit bag or concert rig.

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The website lists and compares all the major types and brands, just click on the links below. You can choose pedals by brand name – Boss effect pedal, DOD effect pedal, MXR effect pedal etc, or you can choose pedals by the type of effect – distortion effect pedal, overdrive guitar pedal, fuzz effect pedal etc.

Makes of Guitar Effect Pedals

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