Guitar Amplifiers, All Makes Models and Types

On our other website you will find hundreds of guitar amplifiers. There are many styles and brands of guitar amplifier available on the market, ranging from very cheap battery operated practice amplifiers to custom made, boutique guitar amps as used by professional musicians and famous guitar players. The Guitar Amplifiers, All Makes Models and Types page allows you to choose either your favorite make of guitar amplifier or if you have a style of guitar amplifier in mind you can choose by types of guitar amplifier instead. All of the guitar amplifiers are displayed in friendly price comparison lists that make it easy to select the type of guitar amplifier you require and ensure it fits in with your budget.

Choose between iconic brands like Marshall, Fender, VOX and Orange to lesser known boutique guitar amplifier makes like Friedman and Supro from the USA. Use the links below to visit our other website, where there are many guitar amplifiers listed and special offers on all types of guitar related gear like effect pedals and speaker cabinets.

Guitar Amplifiers, All Makes Models and Types

It is easy to find the right guitar amplifier for either home practice, studio work or on the road. We have set up the web site so you can navigate to the correct place easily either via a brand name or a style of guitar amplifier. Click on the links that are shown below.

  • Types of Guitar Amplifier
    • Use this link to be taken to a page showing all the various types of guitar amplifiers that are currently available. All the major types of guitar amplifier are listed including, acoustic guitar amps, hybrid guitar amps, modelling guitar amps, valve amplifiers, boutique guitar amps & solid state guitar amps. Choose from both head guitar amplifiers with separate speaker cabinets or full guitar combo amplifiers with built in speakers.
  • Makes of Guitar Amplifier
    • Use this link to be taken to a page showing all the major makes of guitar amplifier including famous brands like Marshall amps, Fender amps, Vox amps, Peavey amps and many more. If you know your favorite brand and want to choose a new guitar amplifier from their range then this is the best place to start.
  • Guitar Amp Speaker Cabinets
    • Use this link if you are looking for a speaker cabinet to use with your head style guitar amplifier. Listed are all the major guitar amplifier manufacturers and styles of speaker cabinet eg 1×12, 2×12, 4×12 etc
  • Boutique Guitar Amplifiers
    • Custom made guitar amplifiers that are hand made and the choice of famous guitar players like Mesa Boogie, Friedman, Soldano and may more

More Guitar Effect Pedals and Stomp Boxes

We are adding new guitar effect pedals including video reviews of newly released products every day, or so. Bookmark the site or join the mailing list to keep up to date with new guitar stomp boxes as they are launched and the latest guitar pedal prices and reductions. You can also get the latest savings here on the Guitar Pedal Savings Page. Here are our latest posts.

More Guitar Gear at

Our other guitar pedal review website at has been created for guitarists and other musicians to review and buy all types of guitar and musical instrument gear, at the best prices currently on offer from various suppliers around the world. By accessing different online retail stores and collecting the prices together on one page it is possible to generate a list that shows the biggest savings on guitar pedals including You will be surprised when you see the range of prices available but also the top quality guitar brands that are selling gear at prices up to 50% off. There are lots of guitar related products including amplifiers, stomp boxes, speaker cabinets, technical guides, and lots more. All of the products are displayed in a way to allow you to select the most suitable for your guitar rig set up.