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ammoon Combined Effects Pedal 5 Analog Effects(Boost/Overdive/Distortion/Chorus/Phaser) + 2 Digital Effects(Delay/Reverb) + 72 IR Cabinets Simulation + 9 Loops/Preset Working Modes

£149.99  in stock
as of 17th January 2021 3:21 am


  • 【Guitar Multi-effects Pedal】: Combined effects pedal with 72 IR cabinets simulation, wide range of sound; 5 analog effects (boost(+15dB), overdrive, distortion, chorus, phaser); 2 digital effects (delay, reverb).
  • 【Supports Looper Function】: Looper with 9 loop phrases, and supports up to 10 minutes recording time for a single track, allows loop phrases import/export by PC software.
  • 【Built in tuner & LED Displaying】: Built-in high precision guitar tuner function, with LED screen displaying tuning status, and the output will be mute under the tuner mode.
  • 【preset the settings】: Supports Live/Preset working modes, and 4 editable presets available at Preset mode.
  • 【Headphone Output & FX LOOP】: Headphone output with speaker simulation; FX LOOP function for connecting to external pedals.

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Guitar Effect Pedal Explained – Phaser Pedal – Guitar Effect

Here we will explain the basic function of a Phaser Pedal Guitar Effect. A phaser guitar pedal is an electronic sound processor used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The position of the peaks and troughs of the waveform being affected is typically modulated so that they vary over time, creating a sweeping effect. A guitar phaser pedal can add an interesting effect to solo work and is a favorite of some heavy metal guitarists especially when it is combined with flanger guitar pedal.

Phaser guitar effect pedals are available from a wide range of manufacturers from cheap phaser guitar pedals mass produced in China to hand made boutique phaser guitar pedals from USA, Europe and Australia. Boutique phaser pedals are made to a high specification and have additional circuitry, features and controls. Boutique guitar effect pedals are a favorite of famous players and are included on touring player pedal boards. Some good boutique phaser pedals to consider are the pigtronix envelope phaser, the digitech xhp hyper phaser and the Walrus Lillian analog phaser.

More Types of Guitar Effect Pedals

Want to try something different than a Phaser Pedal Guitar Effect? On the Guitar Effect Pedal UK we have created a separate page that lists all of the different types of guitar effect pedal. If you know the type of stomp box you require for your pedal-board then check the link in the main menu for “TYPE OF EFFECT”. Visit the page if you know what type of effect your looking for. For instance you may be looking for a new chorus pedal for you pedal board. Look up chorus in the list below and you will be taken to a page listing all the different chorus pedals that are available from different manufacturers.

The latest Guitar Effect Pedal and Stomp Box Models

We are adding new guitar effect pedal models, including video reviews of newly released products nearly every day. Bookmark the site or join the mailing list to keep up to date with latest guitar stomp box product releases. As they are launched we are adding them. If you see a new guitar effect pedal and want us to add it to the site then let us know by using the contact form in the main menu. Below are the latest guitar effect pedal designs. Us the link in the main menu for the latest price reductions on the Savings page.

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