Guitar Effect Pedals Explained, Types of Guitar Stomp Box

If you have read my first post, Guitar Effect Pedals Explained, The Rise of the Stomp Box, you will now know a little about where guitar stomp boxes have come from and how they have evolved into a major part of the guitar player set up. Nearly every person who picks up an electric guitar will first buy an amplifier and within a few days be looking for their first guitar effect pedal or stomp box. Probably a distortion, fuzz or overdrive to generate those iconic rock tones or maybe a compressor pedal and a chorus pedal to create smoother jazz or country guitar sounds.

Guitarists have used guitar effect pedals and rack mounted guitar effects for many years to modify the sound from their guitar and to create new and exciting sounds for use on new recordings in the studio. In order to recreate these sounds in a live situation while touring the guitar player will take these stomp boxes on stage using a pedal board and power supply unit. With the pedalboard at his feet the guitarist can switch on and off various effects during the live performance.

Guitar Effect Pedals Explained, Types of Guitar Stomp Box

There are many different types of guitar effect that have been created to shape the guitar signal are to create interesting sonic sounds. The different manufacturers of guitar effect pedals have each put a different spin on what are, in summary, the very basic concepts behind the type of guitar effect that you can choose from. Below I have separated these out into very general groups. If you like the sound of one of the guitar effect types then click on the link and it will take you to a page offering more in-depth information on that type of guitar effect. The most common types of guitar effects are shown below.


This type of guitar effect pedal modifies the input signal to replicate hard driven valve guitar amplifier. There are many variations on this including fuzz guitar pedals, overdrive guitar pedals, distortion guitar pedals, blues guitar pedals, crunch guitar pedals and heavy metal guitar pedals.


This type of guitar effect pedal modifies the signal but does to shape or modify it. They are used to clean up the signal, boost the pickups or to improve the tone. Check out these pickup booster guitar pedal, guitar pre-amp effect pedal, guitar noise gate pedals, guitar compressor pedals, guitar volume pedals and guitar limiter pedals.

Signal Filter

These guitar effect pedals shape and modify the frequency of the input guitar signal to create new sounds and include wah guitar pedals and graphic equaliser pedals,.


These guitar effect pedal are the most popular and modulate the input signal to create new interesting sounds and include guitar chorus pedals, flanger guitar pedals, phaser guitar pedals, uni-vibe guitar pedals, tremolo guitar pedals, modulation guitar pedals and vibrato guitar pedals and of course the rotary speaker pedal that replicates the sound of the vintage Leslie speaker system as was used on the Eagles Hotel California.

Pitch Shifting

These guitar effect pedal modify the input signal by changing the pitch of the note, for example an octave guitar pedal may add an extra note one octave higher, one lower or even both.

Time and Echo

These guitar effect pedals add reflections of the input signal to thicken the sound and also to add unique echo effects. Choose from digital delay guitar pedal, analog delay guitar pedal, reverb echo guitar pedal, tape echo guitar pedal,


There are many, one off or specialist guitar pedals that have appeared on the market over the years including the lo-fi envelope filter pedals and bit crusher pedals.

Other Types of Effect

There are other unique guitar effect pedals that have been created for a specific use with a type of instrument or for a solo performer to use. These include acoustic guitar pedals, guitar multi-effects pedal that include many effects in a single unit, guitar looper pedal, guitar tuner pedals, amp simulator pedals and aby switch pedals

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