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On the Guitar Effect Pedal UK we have created the pages below showing the different types of guitar effect pedals that are available. They are listed in order of “TYPE OF EFFECT”.

The Different Types of Stomp Box

This page can be used if you know what type of effect, for instance you may be looking for a new chorus pedal for you pedal board. Look up chorus in the list below and you will be taken to a page listing all the different choru# pedals that are available from different manufacturers.

If you are looking for a particular “MAKE OF EFFECT PEDAL” then use the link in the main menu above.

On the guitareffectpedal.co.uk website we have over 2000 different guitar effect pedals listed. Use the menu or search icon to find the guitar effect pedal you desire. Also check out the SAVINGS page in the menu for all the latest price reductions.

For GUITAR AMPS and AMPLIFIER VALVES visit our other website at www.yumagold.co.uk.

The Different Types of Stomp Box – Guitar Effect Pedal

The list below shows all the different types of guitar effect pedal that you can buy online or in music stores. Review the list and choose the pedal you are most interested in to shape your guitar tone or to add to your pedal board. The link will then take you to a page displaying all the different guitar pedals of that type from the various guitar effect pedal manufacturers.

Typical Guitar Pedal Board Set Up.

Shown above is a typical guitar effect pedal board set up. In this instance it is showing all Boss Guitar Effect Pedals however it could easily be set up with a mixture of guitar effect pedal types and manufacturers. This allows each guitar player to create their own unique pedal board and guitar sound and tone. Check out reviews of famous guitar player pedal boards at the yumagold.co.uk web site.

More Guitar Effect Pedals and Stomp Boxes

We are adding new guitar effect pedals including video reviews of newly released products every day, or so. Bookmark the site or join the mailing list to keep up to date with new guitar stomp boxes as they are launched and the latest guitar pedal prices and reductions. You can also get the latest savings here on the Savings page in the main menu.

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More Guitar Gear at yumagold.co.uk

Our other guitar pedal review website at www.yumagold.co.uk has been created for guitarists and other musicians to review and buy all types of guitar and musical instrument gear, at the best prices currently on offer from various suppliers around the world. By accessing different online retail stores and collecting the prices together on one page it is possible to generate a list that shows the biggest savings on guitar pedals. You will be surprised when you see the range of prices available but also the top quality guitar brands that are selling gear at prices up to 50% off. There are lots of guitar related products including amplifiers, stomp boxes, speaker cabinets, technical guides, and lots more. All of the products are displayed in a way to allow you to select the most suitable for your guitar rig set up.